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Kingwood, TX water quality is a primary concern for every home and business. You may not know this, but water quality has a major impact on every faucet, fixture, valve, toilet, appliance and piping in your home. Not to mention the health implications of untreated tap water. If you are not addressing the water quality and live in the Kingwood, TX area – you should seriously reconsider and allow our plumbers to rectify your water quality.

With minimal research it will become evident every home in Kingwood, TX should have a water treatment system. Why you ask? – to begin with, the chemical chlorine. The city treats water so it is safe to drink, one key chemical used to achieve this is chlorine. In fact you can conduct a water quality test using a pool test kit. Try it, you will find high levels of chlorine in your water – consistent with that of a pool! Take it a step further, test a bowl of water. Then place your hand in the same bowl of water for 4 minutes, remove your hand and retest. What changed? The chlorine is gone! Why you ask? It was absorbed by your skin! This happens each time you shower or wash your food in city tap water.

Aside from the health concerns due to high levels of chlorine, the hardness of the water is also a concern. The dissolved minerals in the water are high enough throughout the area to be considered “hard” water. These minerals can have adverse effects on your home or businesses plumbing systems. The dissolved minerals will adhere to cartridges, valves, water heaters, faucets, toilets, etc. and begin to cause leaks or failures.

Another benefit often overlooked by installing a water filtration system is  the cost of bottled water! Or the impact bottled water has on the environment? You can avoid the environmental impact, improve your health, invest in your home and increase the longevity of your plumbing system by simply installing a whole home water filtration system.

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Carbon Water Filtration and Scale Inhibitor

A client was interested in a whole house filtration system that didn’t require salt maintenance, electricity or wasted water with a back flush cycle. The Aquios 600M is a scale inhibitor and catalytic carbon filtration system that does the job perfectly! The scale inhibitor is the 1st stage and FDA approved, food grade, phosphate based, scientifically proven based technology that will protect your plumbing system from dissolved solids and minerals. The 2nd stage is a catalytic carbon water filtration system that removes the harmful chlorine (and other chemicals) from the water. In this particular case the client lives in an area that has strict HOA requirements regarding water treatment systems. Let’s face it most of the large salt based systems are not exactly an attractive thing to be installed outside your home. In this case I re-routed the 1″ water main to drop down into the garage and avoid any of the HOA problems. A few other benefits of installing this unit indoors is getting the system out of the sunlight and outdoor elements. Additionally it is hidden from anyone passing by and will avoid any form of theft or tampering.

The client now has softened and filtered drinking water in every tap of their home. They were so excited to be able to stop buying bottled water while also taking care of their water heaters and other plumbing system. (hard water has a detrimental impact on all parts of your plumbing system at points of temperate and pressure change) Call Pillar Plumbing today and schedule a free estimate to have your whole house water treatment system installed!

Experience a Salt Free Softener and Carbon Filter

What is the best water filtration and softening system for your home? The answer to this question is not as simple as you may think. With so many new technologies for water treatment on the market, determining what is marketing vs. science can be difficult. To be direct, I would highly recommend a product that is independently tested, certified and backed by a field of research to ensure it’s effectiveness.

My favorite salt free water treatment system is a system that not only addresses the dissolved solids (minerals / hardness) but also purifies (filters) your water. 95% of all plumbing problems in your home come from poor water quality. This is the detrimental impact hardness can have on your water heater, faucets, valves, piping, and appliances. The minerals will start to bond at points of temperature or pressure change. (ie hot water and faucets). So having a product that adequately protects your home or business from hardness is crucial to the longevity of your plumbing system. My recommendation for this is a salt free system that utilizes a phosphate based protection. A phosphate water softening system (inhibitor) is a time tested and science proven method that sequesters the calcium and magnesium harmless. Phosphate is a FDA approved food grade filtration process that has been used for decades. That great news is it doesn’t require salt, electric sources, or waste water with a backflush / regeneration cycle.

That’s great the phosphate addresses the hardness but what about the chemicals in the water? First – check out your zip code for a annual tap water report below – https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/

This report will allow you to see a third party annual report of the dissolved solids and chemicals in your water! For example, in the area, water has over 46 detectable contaminants in the water based on the 2019 water report. Ten of the contaminants in the water exceed healthy levels. What’s our point? You can’t just address the hardness in the water – filtering and purifying the water is just as important! Thus my preferred product addresses both! Catalytic carbon is one of the the most effective water filtration products available. Having a carbon filtration system on your home is great, but a catalytic carbon system is a step above a normal carbon filter! Catalytic carbon will help remove the contaminants in your water such as chlorine and chloramine (a primary cause of rubber / gasket failure in plumbing). This carbon based system will also address other harmful contaminants in your drinking water as well as sediment and debris.

Therefore, with the dual stage water treatment and filtration system that Pillar Plumbing recommends for the area, you receive a system that addresses the hardness and chemicals! This will provide safe, clean and good tasting water throughout your home or business. Imagine a water treatment and filtration system that requires no salt, no power, no drainage, eliminates the cost of bottled water, the environmental impact of plastic bottles all in one package! Call Pillar Plumbing today for a free in home water test and water filtration estimate!

Why Salt Free Water Treatment and Filtration is Beneficial

Water softening and whole house water treatment have a few nuances as a consumer you should be aware of. To begin let’s understand what softened water is and why it’s essential. Most of the area’s water sources are pulling water from lakes, groundwater, and rivers. These sources all have dissolved minerals (dissolved solids) in the water. Dissolved solids aren’t all bad, actually; minerals can be healthy! However, there are dissolved solids, such as certain metals, that aren’t healthy for ingestion. Understanding your particular water quality is essential, and it varies significantly even in this area.

Most water sources have high enough dissolved solids to be considered “hard.” This has a detrimental impact on your home’s plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances. Hard minerals tend to show themselves at points of pressure and temperature change. (water heater, faucets, showers) To combat this, it’s common to use a traditional salt-based softener to remove the hardness. There are advantages to this, though at Pillar Plumbing we would propose a better alternative. See the image below for one of the disadvantages of a salt-based system. This was a failed salt based softener that flushed the resin from inside the softener throughout the piping of the home. This resulted in dozens of plugged faucets, two tankless water heaters, and shower valves; it was a homeowner’s nightmare.

A few more things to consider before going with a salt-based system is the maintenance of salt use. To continuously have to load and buy salt for your system to be effective is a burden. Couple this with the hundreds of gallons of wasted water to “backflush “ and clean itself. One has to wonder, is this the best we can do? Finally, the mechanisms and control boards that require electricity must be considered. I think by now, we have probably revealed that we are not the most prominent advocates of traditional salt-based softeners.

In our professional opinion a salt-free system that doesn’t waste water or electricity, and that has a simpler non mechanical/electrical design would be bes. This is why we prefer a whole house water filtration system that is cartridge based. This system has no moving parts! Additionally it will not only address the hardness in your water but also filter the water. This protects your plumbing system and your health. The amount of contaminants in our water is astounding. While they meet federal guidelines, it is important to note that minimum standards are certainly not health standards. 

Pillar Plumbing LLC specializes in water filtration and water treatment. Call today and we can provide a free in home estimate on how to best treat your home or businesses water. We can also provide an in home water analysis test and review the annual water quality test for your particular zip code. Pillar Plumbing offers a great salt free softening product that is from a Texas based company and backed by a 20 year warranty. Call today so that Pillar Plumbing can help you protect your home and your health with clean healthy water.


Alvin Water

Common Water Issues

It can be easy to take your water for granted, but it doesn’t mean you should! The water that flows out of your taps must always be clean and safe. That’s why our water treatment solutions, backed by the expertise and commitment of Pillar Plumbing, are here to maintain the quality of your water.

There are a variety of issues that can affect your tap water. While they might not always be obvious, these problems can lead to severe consequences for your loved ones. Our water treatment experts can diagnose these issues and develop a practical and comprehensive strategy to handle them, ensuring the health and safety of your family.

Knowing if your water needs intervention can be difficult, but you must start by determining its quality. If your home uses public water, your water source must meet all local laws, although you can likely enhance its quality. Below are a few indicators that you need additional water treatment.

Signs of Inadequately Treated Water:

  • Foggy glassware or water spots after washing
  • Irritated or dry skin after showering
  • Dull or brittle hair
  • Cloudy water or an odd smell or taste
  • Plumbing fixtures indicate  mineral build-up
  • Drinking water has a sandy texture or has noticeable sediment
  • Frequent stomach or illness issues after drinking the water

At Pillar Plumbing, we strive to serve each of our clients with the reassurance that will come from having experienced plumbers on call for every water treatment service. Our technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest strategies and techniques. Furthermore, we do extensive background checks and drug screenings on all of our personnel so that you do not need to be concerned about allowing a stranger into your house.

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Humble Water

Delivering Proven Water Treatment Results

houston water filtration

You must be sure that the water your home is using is safe and sanitary for bathing, washing, consumption, and other daily uses. Purification and water treatment need to be a regular part of your plumbing system maintenance. Even if your drinking water is safe, it can contain higher calcium and magnesium quantities, which may change your plumbing system’s efficiency. Call Pillar Plumbing for assistance testing, purifying, and treating your water. Our plumbers ensure your satisfaction!

If your sink, shower basin, or toilet bowl shows build-up and mineral build-up, you might have to check your water’s filtration system. To prolong the lifespan of your respective plumbing system, we suggest setting up a water softener. Our licensed plumbers can help you make the correct decision for your house.

Check out the disadvantages of mineral build-up:

  • Detergent and Soap Problems: Hard water prevents soap from efficiently dissolving when doing laundry, making showering and household chores more complicated.
  • Plumbing Line Build-up: Mineral by-products can accumulate in piping, rendering your plumbing system useless. A water softener can prevent mineral build-up.
  • Water Spots: Do your dishes have water areas that do not appear to disappear? A water softener can help eliminate debris and successfully dissolve soap scum.

Our plumbing industry experts are insured, bonded, and licensed. More than that, we take pride on our artistry! Do not hesitate in picking a water treatment and purification process that meets your house’s requirements and specifications. We offer upfront pricing and can handle most emergencies you may have.

Water Softener Systems for Every Need

Have you been noticing the unwanted effects of hard water in your house? Pillar Plumbing is one of the best water softener installation businesses here to protect your home from the problems produced by too many minerals in your drinking water.

Drinking water is considered “hard” when healthy minerals are abundant such as magnesium and calcium. Several of the most common problems include:

  • Noticing a hard-to-remove dirty film on dishes
  • Difficulty lathering soap
  • Dried out skin and hair
  • Chlorine smell if you turn on the water
  • The water tastes unpleasant

The most significant issue created by hard water is scale. Scale collects on your plumbing devices, leading to unnecessary wear and tear, and corrosion. You may discover scale in your coffee maker, water heater, or in your faucets. Extensive damage can be caused by it and typically results in requiring these appliances be replaced.

You may find you need a water softener system that works seamlessly in your home’s plumbing system and appliances. Through the procedure of ion exchange, drinking water softeners eliminate minerals (magnesium and calcium) in water, which causes rust spots, calcium build-up, and more problems in your appliances and pipes. A water softener won’t just make cleaning the home more effortless, and your drinking water tastes better; it will also extend the service life of devices that use water.

To protect your whole house from hard water, our plumbing professionals will route your home’s primary water source through a warm water softener. We can install a water softener in your house, which adheres to local area plumbing codes. 

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Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Installation in Kingwood, TX or Humble, TX

water filtration houston

Water softeners can make dishes cleaner, laundry gentler, and pipes last longer. Homeowners who realize they have hard water should think about having a water softener to save frustration and time. At Pillar Plumbing, we happily provide water softener installation.

We offer annual maintenance services and help with water softener problems.
The area’s hard water describes municipal water with a high amount of minerals, leading to many issues.

Below are simple ways you can tell if your house has hard water:

  • Check for mineral build up in the foundation of tubs, sinks, showers, and toilets
  • Keep a watch out for pink or brown build-up in sinks and tubs, or gray flakes on the surface
  • Check toilet, showerheads, and faucets bowls for the apparent mineral build-up

In case you suspect your home might have hard water, one of our expert plumbers can help you discover a customized solution that meets your requirements.

We have many years of expertise in the industry, and our technicians depend on advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools for every one of our plumbing services.
If you need a water softener installation, trust the pros at Pillar Plumbing. We repair and service most gear brands, which means you can trust us to perform a professional water softener job.

Pillar Plumbing will be here for your water softener installation needs!

  • Upfront pricing—you will not pay more than you are quoted
  • Professional advice from professional, certified, and licensed technicians
  • We will provide you with what you need.
  • Manageable scheduling – ask about same-day service

Do You Need Water Filtration in Your Home?

What are the great things about using water filtration systems? Several of the most significant advantages of running a water filtration system include spending less from not buying bottled water, peace of mind knowing your water is void of impurities, and proper upkeep of your plumbing systems by preventing problems due to scale. You might even notice less staining of clothes, hair, or fixtures and less soap use, helping you save cash. These are just some of the benefits you will notice once you install a water filtration system!

Different water filter systems do specific tasks. No homes are the same, and the water filtration system targets various issues than you may be experiencing. Based on your unique needs, we suggest the following water filtration systems:

  • Water Softener: This method targets harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium, which cause issues throughout the house.
  • Carbon Filters: The water gets cleared from pollutants using several levels of activated carbon, leaving your water fresh, clean, safe, and sound to use.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Uses two points: micron fiber plus carbon block pre-filter, membrane, and post-carbon filter. They are agreeable with chlorinated municipal water and personal well water.
  • Iron and Sulfur Filters: Excess iron is targeted by these filters and sulfur scent in the water.

When you call us for a new water filtration system, expect the following unique benefits and features to complement your service:

  • Straightforward Pricing: We provide economical and transparent pricing that the buyer should know before work starts.
  • Skilled Technicians: Our plumbers take numerous classes throughout the season to make sure we are in tune with all of the most recent technology and plumbing services.
  • Purity: We wear protective foot covers and clean up after our mess. 

Contact us today at 713-425-4185 for your free estimate for water filtration and treatment in Kingwood, TX and Humble, TX and let’s discuss the best way to provide solutions to your water quality concerns.